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Woodchip Supply

NEWFuel can supply seasoned woodchips for your biomass boiler to meet your requirements in a range of different quantities. Orders can be placed for one-off supplies or we can offer a fuel supply contract, guaranteeing that you will have the fuel when you need it (and are not left cold!).

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  • Our Heizohack 14-800 wood chipping machine produces high quality woodchips, which are specifically intended for biomass boilers.
  • The woodchips are produced either to the specification to suit your boiler. This is regularly tested for quality control and compliance with CEN TC/335 and ONORM M 7133 standards.
  • A Fuel Declaration Certificate will be provided with every supply of fuel, so you know the origins of the wood, the type and specification of fuel supplied.
  • We offer free advice on fuel delivery requirements to ensure the fuel can be successfully delivered to your fuel store.
  • Wherever possible our timber is sourced from local, managed woodlands.